A Fully Licensed Land and Flood Surveyor at Your Service

I founded Kelsurveys Inc 35 years ago in Orange County, CA

in order to provide top-notch surveying for local businesses and residents, we specialize in a number of surveying fields. I have been particularly successful preparing "Letter of Map Amendment" for homeowners that may be able to change their flood hazard zoning. When a structure or a property is successfully removed from a flood zone, the property owner can see thousands of dollars in long-term savings for the life of the mortgage.

As Kelsurveys, Inc. has grown, so has my cache of modern surveying technology, which now includes a Leica GPS 1200, Leica TCRP 1203,with Carlon's SurvCE Field Data Collection Software, Surveyors Field Computer, Geo-Office software and CADD 2019 with Engineering software.

I am affiliated with both the state and local chapter of California Land Surveyors Association,

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. In three decades of professional experience, I have worked on projects with various cities and institutions throughout the Southland, including the City of Chino Hills, California State University Los Angeles, the City of Hawthorne, and a variety of others. 

At Kelsurveys Inc, I am the “Specialist in Fema Flood Surveying in Southern California.” Speak with me soon about your property.